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NLPub is created!

July 2011 – a cold summers evening in the first week of NLP trainers training in Brighton and seeking a way of developing a metaphor for the whole of NLP which could be carried around in the back pocket NLPub was born of enthusiasts passionate about personal development and furthering the understanding of the human condition. How, we postulated, could we explain the amazing intricate understanding of epistemology to the man (or woman) in the local bar?  The waves of the English Channel broke with a roar and a hiss on the polished pebbles of Brighton beach. Swimmers shivered in the icy knife drawer which is the channel – cutting to the core. Lights form the pier dazzled and danced reflecting on the waves as the light of the day gave way to deep languid mauve of the sunset. The air, fresh and invigorating cut through your clothes pushing ozone into your lungs, the noise of the wind almost drowning out the bellows of bonhomie of revellers fuelled by wheat, barley, water, hops and yeast from across the continent.

I know, someone said, how about NLPub . . .  . the rest is history.

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