A while ago, being for first time in England, I asked my friend Andrew after an interesting class of Master Practitioner Training at NLP Academy, to show me some inner knowledge of England. So we ended in an English Pub in Croydon.

After aligning 12 pints of different English beers, smelling describing, tasting describing , seeing describing in sensory based language untill we’ve decided: London Pride.

And we said: that is IT. NLPUB

A month later I was just wandering cold and wet along Brighton’s beach, somewhere between Fishing Museum and Brighton Pier, asking myself in a loud inner voice “how on Earth someone would choose a place like this to gather a bunch of 60 people willing to hallucinate that, somehow, through a personal miracle, they will gain the competence of understanding what is happening in that chain of events that (I strongly believed at that time) was colored in dark somehow opaque yellow with a soft touch of white snow-like top, packed firmly in a shiny almost transparent, glittering cold icy crystal shield ….called Hoegarten Beer.
Yes I was sitting in a Pub, having my first beer in Brighton
And having my inner conversation about the usual rain in the hot-spot called Brighton when a heard someone calling my name. I usually do not answer to strangers but then I realized that I was the stranger there in Brighton with my unusual name for English speaking citizens, that sound like an exclamation “O I VIDEO YOU!”. And the voice had that specific modulated high pitch low pitch sounds that sounded like GEORGE. And it was George.
The wind was so violent when I saw George that I almost shouted at him: What the hell are you doing here? And as we hogged we’ve both realized that was statistical im-possible to meet there, on the beach, in front of Ohso Social Pub that we’ve named later NLPub SocialPoint. A Singularity Point…
ANGELA came there within 15 minutes: Hit, Shoot, Aim !
ANDREW feed the Romanian ninja squirrels and came within 12 hours.
The others, one by one, found their own ways. To NLPub.
Olga, and Matheus, Rob and Steve, Evan and Leia, Lisbeth Natalia, Steve and Evan and….. many others I am going to add in pictures.

NLPub is created!

July 2011 – a cold summers evening in the first week of NLP trainers training in Brighton and seeking a way of developing a metaphor for the whole of NLP which could be carried around in the back pocket NLPub was born of enthusiasts passionate about personal development and furthering the understanding of the human condition. How, we postulated, could we explain the amazing intricate understanding of epistemology to the man (or woman) in the local bar?  The waves of the English Channel broke with a roar and a hiss on the polished pebbles of Brighton beach. Swimmers shivered in the icy knife drawer which is the channel – cutting to the core. Lights form the pier dazzled and danced reflecting on the waves as the light of the day gave way to deep languid mauve of the sunset. The air, fresh and invigorating cut through your clothes pushing ozone into your lungs, the noise of the wind almost drowning out the bellows of bonhomie of revellers fuelled by wheat, barley, water, hops and yeast from across the continent.

I know, someone said, how about NLPub . . .  . the rest is history.

Hello world!

Welcome to NLPubMe. This website contains accounts of the discovery and coding of NLPub